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The Young Maths Release A Final Album

By / April 1, 2015  


Far-wells a never easy, especially in music when the farewells only seem temporary and transitory. Bands come and go, side-projects sweep in and leave a unsatisfying taste on our music palette’s. Did that band really exist if you can’t find them on Sound-cloud under a massive clutter of advertising? What if their word-press domain has run out? Even in the age of digital musical anthropology(where all is accessible), when bands break up or quit; it sucks.

The Young Maths were undoubtedly a staff favorite here. The band’s razor-sharp guitar riffs, angsty lyrics and frenzied vocals made them one of the most critically praised and fan-loved bands in the state. Their live shows were forever a raw intersection of dance and punk dynamics. Bred from the the far corner of Tejas, The  Valley-the part of the state that has secretly produced some of the best indie-rock bands in past decade. The Young Maths three releases were a snap-shot of overlooked region full of artistic prowess and original product. I still hold “Thank You Good We Are” as one of the most urgent and exciting EPs around.

About a year after their final show the group released their final release “Quiet”, we haven’t got time to give it a spin but knowing what these guys track record we expect nothing but goodness. Check the release below and RIP The Young Maths

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