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Download//Cocollected Poems by Cocobass

By / April 29, 2014  


Cocobass records is what it isn’t. It’s not exactly a record label. It’s not exactly a blog. It’s not profitable. Its model built through the currency of the internet. Based more on actually musical material rather than (more…)

Video///María y José “Club Negro”

By / April 10, 2013  


While María y José second LP will finally reach light later this month(April 30) Tony Gallardo has done well to keep the hype up. Following the release of the dark rap-ballad U L T R A, a critically acclaimed performance at Festival Nrmal and a Vice Mini-Documentary. Tijuana’s Ruidoson extraordinaire returns with a video for Club Negro.

Directed by Tijuana Music-Video wizard Joey Muñoz, the video much like the song structure of the song itself sets up into two halves. In the first half we find our Lider Juevnil taking to the streets with his gang of Masked-Cholos(Or Post-Cholos?) who give a salute(Ironic?) to the Mexican Flag, smash bottles on graffiti walls and protect our mighty leader. In contrast to other of his videos, Tony takes-on a more leading role ,one more fitting to a Rey. Tony bursts on the screen showcasing the total package; The bravado, street-style(notice the Snap-back and popping of  the collar) and the most .GIFable moment of his career  with ese meneo at 0:45. The second half takes a more darker twist as Gallardo’s character takes claim of a girl. The rest is some what unnerving to some, but let’s not forget the sociopolitical posture of the song it self(Check the lyrics yo). Gallardo has never shied  away from making poignant and proactive statements, this video is no different and continues on the path of Tony Gallardo transformation both as an artist and the protagonists he so brilliantly portrays in his songs.  While as dark, gritty and satanic as ever, all i can’t think about is that Meneo. Check the video below

The video in Gallardo’s own words “El video se trata sobre el rey de reyes y su crew de cholos que deciden experimentar un poco con lo que son los ritos satánicos. Nada más porque tienen ganas de hacer algo diferente… y porque vieron ‘Éxtasis’ de Cartel de Santa”.

Download///Maria y José “Rey de Reyes”

By / November 12, 2011  

The leading man of the rising movement know as “Ruidoson”. Tony Gallardo beefed  up his resume this year and has cemented his place in the Latin-Indie world. Still riding the buzz off last year’s  Espirutu Invisible and Kibose,  “Tijuana’s Ambassador of Swag” has grown and flourished as an artist, taking his medium to new levels this year. With  Puerto Alegria, Tony Gallardo  showcased his Mexican pop star flair. Then in  Granada, Tony goes  gets romantically intense  and produces a emo jam  that had us thinking, “Is tony on the brink of self-destruction?”. My personal based god is back and gives us a early Christmas present with Rey de Reyes.

Maria y José self-leaked his latest track Rey de Reyes off his new album set to release in early 2012. Just from the track name you got the sense that this was going to be 140 bpm club track. Tony takes on the genre de moda in the both mainstream and mipster circles 3Ball. Rey de Reyes  is undeniably sexy and festive, whether your wearing Botas picuadas or Urban outfitters loafers  you cant help help but become entrapped in the banging cumbia percussion and the oh so, self-assuring, self perpetuating lyrics  “soy el rey de reyes” (im the king of kings) . Tony Gallardo produces another home-run. Tony reaffirms his place as the  king of Tijuana and the king of the dancefloor. Can we start the Maria Y Jose 4 Austin Chants?

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