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Mix///”¡Quiero Quiero!” by Fernando Victoria

By / April 3, 2014  

¡Quiero, quiero! by Fernando Victoria on Mixcloud

For the last couple of years Matinée as Hell  has become one of the most relevant and gorgeously curated blogs in Mexico.The editor of the blog is Fernando Victoria, a student who at first meet, you will find incredibly un-assuming and a delight. (more…)

MP3//Erick Jaimez “Entrega De Amor”

By / April 1, 2014  

3 Months ago we presented Erick Jaimez, DJ and Producer who through each speaker-breaking reconfiguration of Cumbia jams both old and new has positioned himself as one of the most elite Latin-Artists in town and in our staff opinion the one with the brightest future. (more…)

Stream//Como Las Movies “Mermelada and Feedback Cumbiero”

By / March 31, 2014  

Feedback Cumbiero from Joe Rey on Vimeo.

A couple years after the sudden disbandment of Maneja Beto left a gaping hole in the Austin Latino Music Scene, former Maneja Beto Guitarist Nelson Valiente resurfaced with the band Como Las Movies. (more…)

MP3//Ases Falsos “Simetrìa”

By / March 27, 2014  

Ases Falsos

After wrapping up the two year album cycle of the phenomenal and generational shifting album Juventud Americana with a unforgettable performance at All My Friends Fest last november, the giants of South-American rock Ases Falsos have returned with their first cut off the new album Conducción which is for release later this year. (more…)

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