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MP3//Ases Falsos “Simetrìa”

By / March 27, 2014  

Ases Falsos

After wrapping up the two year album cycle of the phenomenal and generational shifting album Juventud Americana with a unforgettable performance at All My Friends Fest last november, the giants of South-American rock Ases Falsos have returned with their first cut off the new album Conducción which is for release later this year. Lead singer Cristobal Briceno describes the album as a more dark and self-finding thematic album, in metaphoric phrase Briceño in comparison to Jueventud Americana, summed up the new album to Chilean Magazine”La Tercera” as such “the first album was like when the guy shows up with gifts and telling stories of the trip. Instead, this second album is the hardest conversation that occurs after eating, when the kids go to bed and the guy shows his darker side but musically it’s a delight

Simetrìa aptly confirms half of Briceño description it’s nothing short of a delight, forming with fluidity under the direction of panoramic chords and majestic delivery by Cristobal, lyrics fire with the same vigor as the anthems in Juventud Americana but rather than hitting for the political hierarchy Simetrìa flings straight for the flesh.With a glorious falsetto that can help but  make you recall Juan Gabriel’s more contemporary compositions(the good ones). With a monumental finish as Briceno howls “te amo de una forma que destruye toda norma te amo de manera imprudente y convincente” Ases Falsos captures our imagination one more time. Download the track here

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