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MP3: Apache O’Raspi & Velva Room “Pasos”

By / August 3, 2012  

Last year’s collaboration between Apache O’Raspi and Collateral Soundtrack on the song “Me Enamoro Cuando….” was one of the most uplifting, blissful  and nostalgic songs of 2011. Apache O’Raspi s intimate kitschy folk songs are crafted with supreme delicateness that cuts right though you. In the new song he collaborates with psych-pop group Velva Room to create another slice of folk sweetness.  Pasos, a gorgeous dance tale of a couple effortlessly  swaying  to the movement of the waves;  warm classical instrumentals fill the background  providing more depth compared to previous Apache O’Raspi songs. However  just as it’s the waves that move you though the sea; ultimately it’s Apache’s haunting-melancholy filled voice that pulls you though this song and to an elated state of being..  “Tu en mi oreja y yo en el mar los movimientos se dan sin pensar…Las olas nos llevaran”….

                                   [bandcamp album=2027582916 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=bb4275 size=venti]

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