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News///Pachanga Festival Announces 2015 Lineup

By / March 3, 2015  


It’s crazy to think that Pachanga Fest is headed towards their 8th edition of the festival. It’ just feels like yesterday we were swaying to Maneja Beto at Waterloo Park at the first edition of Pachanga..Oh nostalgia. Well, Pachanga is back and is packed with plenty of Latin-Heavyweights. Today, Pachanga announced the first slate of artists for their 2015 lineup and it seems to cover all it’s bases in regards to fan outreach. Headling the festival is our sweet-heart Ximena, Monterrey-Vets Kinky, Tijuana’s Ceci Bastida and ultimate Cumbia duo Compass(Toy Selectah+Camilo Lara) the rest of the lineup boast pop-rockers Motel,Enjambre and Chilean Pop-Star Maria De Pilar.
This year Pachanga has expanded the fest to include shows in Dallas and Houston that will feature Ceci Bastida, Kinky and Compass. These dates are May 15 and May 16 respectively.

“Pachanga Ganga” passes, go on sale this FRIDAY, March 7, at 10am. General admission tickets cost $40 and VIP tickets, which include tacos, non-porta-potties toilers, upgraded amenities, paletas will-run $80. After April 1, prices increase to $50 and $100. Tickets for the Houston and Dallas shows run $20 in advance and $25 day of show.

Be sure to stay tuned to Nuevos Esquemas for previews and more info as the Festival gets closer.


Video//Balun “Anos Atras”

By / February 12, 2015  


Video//Los Blenders “Amigos”

By / February 12, 2015  


Video///O Tortuga “Siempre Vago”

By / February 12, 2015  


Interview//Chulita Vinyl Club

By / February 9, 2015  


Vinyl record collecting has always had very masculine or “male dominated” connotation to it. Images of a guy meticulously arranging his collection in alphabetical order come to mine when we think “Vinyl Lover”. If you ever been to a record collecting conventions, you know the underwhelming feeling of being at big boy’s club with hoards of a young to middle age men hovering around clutching their 180 gram pressed “The Clash” album or worst yet that super rare Pink Floyd B-Sides album.This stereotype is overwhelming out-dated. Fact of the matter is grrrl’s have being collecting records since there have been records and with the increasingly availability of records this will only grow. There is much more to vinyl collecting than having a shit-ton of records, rather it’s an expression of personality, culture and stories.

You quickly understand the truth, when you meet Chulita Vinyl Club, the All-Girl Record Collecting and DJ’ group was started by Valley Natives-Claudia Saenz and friend Martha Reyna. Starting simply as a night to play her massive record collection, CVC has quickly morphed into one of the most intriguing collectives both locally and nationally.

CVC is much more than just a group of girls that love to spin rad records, although they do a hell of a job doing that.They are a representation of the power of Female DIY collectives and how they are pushing themselves into the framework of club’s, venues and bars spaces usually run by males.There is a both a need and appetite for the groups like Chulita Vinyl Club as demonstrated with overwhelmingly positive response and turn-out for their shows. Each Chulita Vinyl set feels like a continuous movement of mood and narrative with each DJ choosing their own records to represent their own stories on the dance-floor.


Q:I should preface by saying, My wife was the one that introduced me to you guys(Shout out to her). How did you get started?

C:I had the idea of CVC in the Fall of 2014, I really just played around with the idea, I asked my friend’s if they think it work then brought it up to Martha who herself has her own DJ collective Liberty-Soul Vinyl Club-

M: Liberty Soul Club started with my BF last march it’s all strict vinyl club mostly 45’s we play pure soul. We do it once a month and it has picked up since and It’s one of the main reasons why we started connecting more and hanging out. When she came to with  the idea I thought it was a great idea since there are many woman collectors out there that don’t go out and do stuff. I though this would be great opportunity to gather all these woman everywhere not just in Austin.

C: Yeah, that’s really what helped me, she had already started her collective-it being successful-helped me think that this could really work. So after brainstorming and finally coming with the idea for it, we finally had our primere at Hi-Tones, All-Grrl Vinyl club with a Go-Go dancer Frosty Shake. It was Martha and I and I was overwhelmed by the response, since then the interest has grown more than I imagined.

I think two-reasons why it’s been successful is the fact that it is All-Girl DJ group in a very male dominate industry and secondly the name just really catchy awesome. Can you talk about creating your own space?

C: *Laughs*, Yeah the main reason I wanted to start a all-girl vinyl club was the club world, venue world is very dominated from the owner to the bouncer the DJ playing it’s very male-centric. I’ve been going to shows and concerts and have notice that woman are in the back-ends of things. Nothing is fully centered on woman, in the DJ or Show world. I wanted to create a space and movement getting all girl-all vinyl. Our policy is strictly all-girls in all-aspects of the collective. I thought it was very important to bring the girls to the forefront.

Yeah, I think often when people here things are “All-Girl” they wrongly equate it with being against the other male-dominated collectives when rather It’s just about having something completely yours in an industry that by default is male-focused.

C: Yes, Especially when it comes to Vinyl collecting. The main perception is that most record collectors are men but there are a lot of vinyl loving girls are out there. I wasn’t able to pin point them until I started the club and the starting coming from everywhere. They wanted to be involved, many told me they always wanted to DJ but didn’t know where to start. I think this club can bring these girls out there. People assume girls don’t collect vinyl, they don’t have good taste in music. I wanted to make it aware girls know the scene, they know about collecting records.

Did you have experience DJ’ing before this?

C: Funny story, actually my primer night was my first night Dj’ing ever. I went to Martha a week before and asked her to teach me how to do this and she was awesome teacher. She showed me and I think I did alright. 

It does feel like we are often DJ’s even without actually being them or know the practice. We are naturally curating music for a certain mood you are in. Is that an approach you take into your sets?

C:Yeah, We just bring our favorite records to the show and we just play them. It ends up just feeling like your playing records for your friends. It becomes a fun ni

M:It does get hard though, there is this one song I have to play every time because it’s so good—-

Which one is it?

M: Yvonne Baker,, It’s funny my BF friends are always like she’s always plays that song, but I’m like at least it caught on and you know it’s a good song

C: Yes, There is one song I have to play every time its’ Angel Baby  by Rosie and The Originals, It’s a must.

I think if i were to ever to DJ, mine would be Las Nubes by Little Joe.

When did you began Record Collecting?

C: I started collecting around  year and half ago. I started collecting records and it got more progressive when i moved into this house-money was short never got the internet connected, so i started really collecting to get my music fix. I lived next to Breakaway records, It became my second home. 

What do you usually look for when you go shopping?

C: I’m big fan of Brown Eyed Soul, Chicano Soul. Anything that is connected to doo-woop, Chicano Oldies. I will buy any tejano that will come to me, Norteno and Conjunto. Anything by Sunny and Sunliners, very much centered around Chicano music and movements.

What has been the reaction when you guys spin, I imagine it’s a lot people saying “Hey, that’s what my parents played when I was young”

C: Yes, that happens quite often. People will come up and say that song “That song reminds me of being in the backseat of my parents car, cursing down to church”. I love that it connects with people in different ways, nostalgia or just like what is this song?

That’s an exciting part of the craft of DJ’ing, People just associate it manipulating or creating new music when you can just play old music and that in its self can create a new mood or aesthetic

C: We don’t manipulate any of the songs, we do it in the most simple way of just laying down a record a playing it. I know there is types of DJ’ing, we just play it cause we love the music and sharing it.

What’s ahead for y’all as far as shows or events?

C:We definitely just want to keep playing wherever we can  but we are planning a couple of things. We are planning a tour for the east coast, we are also planning to do a weekend in LA. A lot of woman from LA have reached out, we are even planning to play in Puerto Rico. Also we have this idea of doing a Spring Fling in an old VFW, It’s going to be a dance like old-school. 

I can see you definitely doing well in East LA, It feels like there is a lot of collectives there, a lot of grrls on tumblr doing their own DIY movements, I bet it’s reusing for you guys to know there a lot of people in different places that would support movements like yours

C: Yeah, since all the girls have a different style that we play it reaches out to a lot of people. I play the Chicano Soul, Martha plays the Northern Soul-Dance music. I have a girl in Austin that plays nothing but Doom and Metal, there is girls that just do modern garage rock, one girl does all cumbia. I have Phanie D(Girl in a Coma) who does riot grrl. Every girl has a different genre and that helps  spread out our wings and get different stuff going on. 

Lastly, What does it take to be a chulita vinyl club grrl?

C:*Laugs* You can identify your self as a female, you play strictly all vinyl, yeah just that. No experience needed as evident with founder not having any experience. That’s about it. 







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