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Video//El Guincho “Comix”

By / January 27, 2016  



Nuevos Esquemas x PDX

By / September 15, 2015  

Slide1 Slide2Nueva Ciudad, Nueva Onda



Eventos Tear Drop & Nuevos Esquemas Summer Showcase Ft. María y José + Special Guests

By / June 17, 2015  


Eventos Tear Drop and Nuevos Esquemas are excited to announce their summer showcase, presenting a lineup those features artists who are redefining cultural experiences both in Texas and Latin America. A line up that will serve as night of transnational music diaspora, shifting identities and genre-bending rhythms all on the platform of Dance-floor

Headlining this event will be Tony Gallardo aka María y José, this will be his first performance in San Antonio Texas. Tony Gallardo is known as one of the founders of the Ruidoson movement. A movement that sparked the cultural and artistic reawakening of Tijuana Mexico and continually pushes any arbitrary lines of what “Mexican Music” sounds like. Special guest to the Showcase will be Reynosa’s sonidero saint Chico Ye and local up and comers Nag Champa


¿Qué Pasa? Cassette Release Show

By / May 22, 2015  


¿Qué Pasa? has become are newest favorite band to come out of Austin. Blending Surf, Pop, Punk and whatever mood striking riff they conjur up all under a bitter-sweet lyrical palette. ¿Qué Pasa? work without pretension or genre attachtment, rather crafting short songs that put together in a 10 song debut album serve as the summer that isn’t always perfect soundtrack; where your bed sounds better than a party, where the beer is semi-warm and guitar riffs are the only worth-while currency.

¿Qué Pasa? will release their debut album “Big Mistake” on Cassette this weekend at The Mix. The show is FREE. Check the FB Link for more info..

Listen to the album below then go buy it..


The Young Maths Release A Final Album

By / April 1, 2015  


Far-wells a never easy, especially in music when the farewells only seem temporary and transitory. Bands come and go, side-projects sweep in and leave a unsatisfying taste on our music palette’s. Did that band really exist if you can’t find them on Sound-cloud under a massive clutter of advertising? What if their word-press domain has run out? Even in the age of digital musical anthropology(where all is accessible), when bands break up or quit; it sucks.

The Young Maths were undoubtedly a staff favorite here. The band’s razor-sharp guitar riffs, angsty lyrics and frenzied vocals made them one of the most critically praised and fan-loved bands in the state. Their live shows were forever a raw intersection of dance and punk dynamics. Bred from the the far corner of Tejas, The  Valley-the part of the state that has secretly produced some of the best indie-rock bands in past decade. The Young Maths three releases were a snap-shot of overlooked region full of artistic prowess and original product. I still hold “Thank You Good We Are” as one of the most urgent and exciting EPs around.

About a year after their final show the group released their final release “Quiet”, we haven’t got time to give it a spin but knowing what these guys track record we expect nothing but goodness. Check the release below and RIP The Young Maths

News//Festival Marvin Announces 2015 Lineup

By / March 3, 2015  



Hot damn! Just a couple hours after we showed the Pachanga Lineup we get another festival revealing it’s lineup. For last four years, Festival Marvin which has been curating a  mix of Ibero-Indie talent and American talents to create one of best festivals on the Mexican Circuit. This year is no exception, we don’t even know where to start on this line-up. Ok yes we do, we have legends Os Mutantes, the perfect–Javiera Mena,  (I thought he retired but I guess not) bad-ass Juan Cirerol. The festival also boasts Hip-Hop up and comers Alvaro Diaz and ATL’s Kap G(Working like a Mexican).

In addition to the music there will Films, Panels, Stand Up Comedy that features Roberto Flores and much more

The festival will be May 16 the DF, you can find more info on Festival Marvin website  where you can register for the festival and find tickets.




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