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Album Review///Denver “Musica gramatica gimnasia”

By / January 21, 2011  

Chile must be going through a musical renaissance  as some of the finest Latin albums have been coming from this Andean country from the glam-pop of Javiera Mena’s Mena  to the hip-hop styling’s of Ana Tijoux’s 1977, now the next breakout band is the duo of  Milton Mahan y Mariana Montenegro  better known as Dënver. This indie-electro- pop duo has possibly surpassed the two mentioned earlier with this masterpiece  titled  ‘Música, gramática, gimnasia’.
The albums theme permeates around the post-adolescent age of life in which we all look for self-discovery, romance and freedom. “Lo que quieras” is finest song off this album, it’s an exquisite journey of first love and willingness to do anything to keep that love; filled with promises that are romantic, raw and at times very violent “Si querias sucidarte yo podria disparate”(if you wanted to kill yourself  I could shoot you)  a soft pop laced with orchestral strings makes this song  more of an anthem than a song.
Although this album is dubbed in the “Pop” genre, Milton and Mariana have a far more ambitious and deeper vision for the word Pop, every song on this album displays Milton and Mariana’s vibrant and electric vision of pop, In “Los Adolescentes” infectious guitar riffs are met with electro-pop beats while high pitched vocals from Mariana provide a youthful injection of optimism. While, “En medio de una fiesta” is a soft pop-disc-funk ballad that tells story of a couple  looking young couple looking to lose themselves in the middle of a party. Denver refuses to remain caged into simplicities; for a relatively young band Denver displays its well able to create music on their own terms, and even more impressive  is the balance this album displays not too much pop not too much electronic.
Musica Gramatica Gimnasia perfectly captures the spirit of the Post-Adolescent stage of life, filled with passion, violence, jealousy and love taken to its extremist levels. For better or worse we all seem to remember this time period (or in my case we are living it)   I have never heard someone say “I remember when I was 32”. It’s always our first love, our first party, and our first downfall that stays with us.  Everything about this album screams cult classic.
Best Moments, Lo que quieras, Diane Keeton, En medio de una fiesta

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WguvYJRTvk]


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